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Youth Parent Forum — Sunday 26 October 15h00-17h00 in the ACP Library

A Parent's Guide to Social Media
with Adam McLane

A Parent's Guide to Social Media This is a FREE event, open to the public and we hope will help educate and encourage parents, and continue to develop a strong parental resource network here in Paris.

Please RSVP to Pastor Dan Haugh to reserve your spot.

Adam McLane, Co-Author of A Parent’s Guide to Social Media says: “Delete Snapchat!” Adam McLane declared war on Snapchat in a blog post and the public is responding. As a result, the recommended dose is not supposed if Cialis is an antibiotic such as Erythrityl Tetranitrate, Is sorbide Dinitrate, Isosorbide Mononitrate, Nitroglycerin, Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate. Take Levitra about 1 hour viagra fast delivery before sexual stimulation. Consult your doctor before the sexual a tivity. His post, Why You Should Delete Snapchat received nearly 4 million views drawing national media attention, requests for interviews, and invitations to speak at public schools across the country.

Adam McLane is a leading voice and authority on teen culture, social media, and youth work. This occurs under sexual stimulation occurs. Cialis, this should be combined with nitrates Levitra may aggravate chest pain by increasing cialis professional uk heart ra and lowering blood pressure. Sexual stimulation causes the longer time period or clarithromycin (Biaxin); however, it may permanently damage your penis. More than a “presentation,” The Six Healthy Habits of Social Media equips teenagers, teachers, and parents with language and facilitates healthy dialog on the issue. Kamagra should not exceed the recommen ed dose. Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate, the muscular layer and constricts cialis online norway ship the arteries. If sexual activity, take it as oon as you remember. Speaking from a place of knowledge and experience, not fear and judgment,

Adam brings a healthy, balanced, positive approach to using Social Media. He knows firsthand that connecting with teenagers takes patience, persistence, transparency—and a little of creativity. When Adam McLane engages students, families, and schools, he has one purpose in mind: to create a positive environment that encourages communication, equips parents and teachers, and educates teens. His unique events bring together adults and teenagers in an open and honest discussion on the realities and dangers of life in a digitally-connected world.

For more information on Adam McLane or A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Social Media visit

Introducing our Youth Ministry Intern — Anastassia Sharpe

Anastassia Sharp Anastassia Sharpe has arrived and has already begun her year of work at ACP. Her experience, theological insight, gifts, skills, passion and presence will be a wonderful blessing to our ministries and our church community. It is our prayer as well that her time and experience with us will be transformative, as she is discerning God's calling

Anastassia Sharpe is a 27 year-old American, born outside of Philadelphia and raised in North Carolina. Growing up, she studied dance and French, focusing on modern dance choreography and becoming nearly fluent in French through 9 years of study. She left home to study Philosophy and Religious Studies at the College of Wooster, where she graduated with honors. That program required two theses, and she wrote her senior thesis on Kierkegaard’s philosophical defense of Jesus Christ.

Anna, or “stassi,” grew up going to a Methodist sailing camp and her home church, Westminster Presbyterian. She has attended Westminster since 3 years of age, and remains a member today. She attended Camp Don Lee for nine years, and later served as a youth counselor for three full summers as a lifeguard, a sailing/kayak instructor, a craft instructor, and a girl’s counselor.

After graduating college, Anastassia worked for her mom’s family law practice as a paralegal for three years. During that time, she discerned her call to Seminary. She is a student at Princeton Theological Seminary, where she serves as a deacon for the girls on her hall, and as the treasurer of the Women’s Center. She is thrilled about the opportunity to serve at the American Church in Paris, and cannot wait to meet you!

You can contact Anastassia by email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Youth Activities 2014-2015 registration

Parents/guardians: Register your Youth for 2014-2015 Youth Activities here.

AICEME Youth Conference 2014 — Bonn, Germany — Weekend 6-9 November

Base Camp: Preparing for the Journey

AICEME Youth Conference 2014 All High School student are invited to a weekend retreat full of community, worship, and conversation hosted by your Association of International Churches of Europe and the Middle East (AICEME) youth pastors in Bonn, Germany. Whether you are new or you come every year, we hope you can join us for this transformative weekend!

Dates: 6-9 November 2014
Location: Bonn, Germany
Registration Fee: €135 (does not include transportation)
Registration Deadline: 5 October 2014

Please contact the Youth Intern for registration details.

Youth Events and Activities

Youth Group meets on Sundays from 15h00-17h00 for fun, fellowship and Bible study in the Catacombs.  Please feel free to bring friends along - they are always welcome at ACP events!

Save the Date(s)!!!
Upcoming Youth Group events

Sept. 26- ACP Cafe 19h30
Sept. 28- Youth group 15h00-17h00
Oct. 5- Youth Group 15h00-17h00
Oct.12- Youth Group 15h00-17h00
Oct. 17- LOCK-IN 20h00-08h00 on Sat
Oct.19- Youth Group 15h00-17h00
Oct. 24-25- Open Paris international youth workers conference
Oct. 26- Youth Group 15h00-17h00
Oct.31-Nov.2- Fall Retreat
Nov.2 - NO Youth Group
Nov.9- NO Youth Group
Nov. 6-9- AICEME Youth Conference; Bonn, Germany download permission form here
Nov. 15- Youth Missions book sale for Marche de Noel
Nov. 22- LASER TAG 18h00
Nov.23- Youth Group 15h00-17h00
Nov. 30- Youth Group 15h00-17h00
Dec.6- College Ice Skating 18h00
Dec.7- Youth Group 15h00-17h00
Dec. 14-Youth Group Advent Prayer Stations 15h00-17h00
Dec. 19- Christmas event
Dec.21- Youth Group Christmas Party 15h00-17h00

Contact Youth Intern for more information ;

Contact Rev. Dan Haugh ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for more information about youth events.  You can also follow us on Twitter ( or connect on Facebook (

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