Youth: Lycée Group

Lycée Group

Lycée students (ages 14-18) meet with the collège students every Sunday in the Gym and the Catacombs. From 15h-16h15, the whole youth group enjoys a nutrious snack, plays games, and shares a short devotion. From 16h15-17h, the two groups split up for separate, age-appropriate lessons.

Winter 2017 Series: James

During the weeks leading up to Easter, the lycéens are studying the book of James. Doing close reading, asking questions, and discussing as a group -- this Bible study is all about the Biblical text and how it speaks into their personal, daily lives. 


2016-2017 First Sunday Series: Spiritual Disciplines

On the first Sunday of every month, the whole youth group shares a joint lesson. This year, the youth group is studying Spiritual Disciplines and learning tools for growing in their faith.


Upcoming Events

LOCK-IN 31 March (20h) - 1 April (8h)

Join us from 8pm to 8am for crazy games, lots of pizza and treats, movies, and time with your favorite Youth Group family! Even though you'll try your best to stay up all night, we bet you'll fall asleep eventually! Feel free to invite friends; just make sure they bring a signed parental permission slip.

Save these dates in your calendar: 

  • Saturday, 13 May
  • Sunday, 11 June à Goodbye Party