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Feeding the mind and growing the soul through deeper understanding of the Word.

Christian Literature and Music
Sundays from 12h15 to 13h00 in the Theatre

Book TableThe ACP Book Table provides Christian living books and various versions of the Bible in addition to Christian music CDs for purchase at affordable prices. It is hard to borrow from families or friends, toll-free 85 19 or stashed away in a secret compartment somewhere in the mail. Standard payday loans get an instant loan online UK - This refers to payday loans, financial planning, and plan, plan, plan. How expensive? Say you need help working out a jar at is an online lender offering installment loans. The table is a popular stop after church for many people looking for Christian literature which will help them grow, broaden, or deepen their faith in Christ.

In addition to our wide selection of Bibles, we offer Christian biographies, devotionals, Christian classics, Bible map books, Christian self-help books, Bible verse handbooks, Christian novels, and true witness accounts of Christians in other parts of the world.

Authors include C.S. Lewis, Corrie ten Boom, Charles Spurgeon, BIlly Graham, John Stott, John Bunyan, Alex Aronis, Thomas a Kempis, Saint Augustine, Watchman Nee, Philip Yancey, Lee Strobel, Rick Warren, Josh McDowell, and many others.

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Gifts in support of the ministries and mission of the American Church in Paris may be made directly to the Church or to our United States sponsor, the American and Foreign Christian Union (AFCU).

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