Lenten Lectures 2012

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The Rev. Professor Keith Ward is an Anglican priest, theologian, and philosopher. From 1991 to 2004, Dr. Ward was Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford University in England, and is a Fellow of the British Academy. Among Dr. Ward's many interests are the dialogue between religions and the relationship between science and religion. The author of over 20 books on theology and philosophy, Dr. Ward's most recent publications include The Big Questions in Science and Religion (2008), The God Conclusion (2009), More than Matter (2010) and Is Religion Irrational (2011).

Read more about Keith Ward at www.keithward.org.uk

The 27 March topic was:  The Soul- Is our mind more than matter?  And how is this essential to Christian Faith?

The 28 March topic was: Is Evolution Compatible with Christian Understandings of Creation... and what are the implications for theodicy?

The 29 March topic was: How Should Christian Faith inform and be informed by Science and the Materialist Worldview?


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