Renewal of Vows

Expressions of faith and unity in the love of Christ

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The scheduling and arrangements for a renewal of vow service when you are in Paris are made with our wedding coordinator. After a reservation is made, the pastor in charge of weddings (the Visitng Pastor) will write to the couple and send them a copy of the service. The couple can review the service and then write back to the pastor if there any questions or suggestions you may have. Often only the couples come for the service, but family members and other guests are certainly welcome.

The sanctuary is reserved for one hour for these services. The ceremony itself will last about 20 to 30 minutes. The couple will meet with the pastor for a few minutes prior to the beginning of the service. This provides an opportunity to discuss the service and for the couple and the pastor to get acquainted. Please contact the wedding coordinator for your requests.

To discuss arrangements for your vow renewal, please contact the ACP Wedding Coordinator.

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