Young Adult Leaders: Who We Are

Claire Boutet

Claire Boutet Claire Boutet is a French humanitarian at heart. She comes  from  the  mid-west of France and loves her country. But she  is  always  looking to discover and learn something different  and  new --  and  it's better when it's abroad! In 2015, she  travelled  between  Mexico and the United States for a  few months,  where she  encountered God. Realizing the  inspiration the people she  met have been and how big a role  they played in her life-  changing encounter, she decided to  join  the Young Adults  leaders' team to give, in her turn, the  opportunity to other  young adults to meet and grow closer  to  God.

Moïse (Moses) Mounkoro


Moise Mounkoro Moïse Mounkoro was born in Mali to a Protestant family, and  currently works in Paris as a TV journalist.

 Moïse moved to Paris in 2011 to pursue his studies, and  by chance when he found an internship his office was situated  just a 5-minute walk from ACP. One Sunday he decided to  attend  the 1:30 service to see if he would like it, and that day he  fell in  love with everything: the music, the preaching, and the  people he  met following the service. He explains, "I discovered a welcoming  and an open church. What struck me at ACP when  I came were  its interdenominational and international  dimensions."

 He continues, "Today I have the joy of serving on the Young          Adults leadership team because I want to help this international    church home stand, grow, and become a more radiant family        of Christ. Serving at ACP is also a way for me to thank God for    the many things He has done in my life."

 Moïse's favorite Parisian hobbies are visiting exhibitions and  walking along the Seine during summer. He speaks French,  English, Bomou and Bambara (two local languages spoken in  West Africa), and is a beginner in Arabic and German. His  favorite favorite Bible verse is John 11:40.

 A fun fact about Moïse? If you want to make him afraid, all you  need is a snake -- real or a fake! He admits to having  herpetophobia (a fear of snakes).