Bloom 2023 Breakout Sessions

Parenting and Education in Paris

Come join a panel of professionals addressing various issues and needs when educating and raising children in Paris.

Becoming French – both literally and figuratively

Daniel Tostado will address the actual process of French naturalization, as well as the culture that comes with it, based on his experience as a French immigration lawyer. Bring your questions concerning French visas, residency permits, and naturalization.

Healthcare in Paris

Allison Lounes, of Your Franceformation, will guide you through the maze of French healthcare, and answer questions you didn’t even know to ask. What healthcare available in France? What is CPAM? Why and how to register with a doctor [medecin traitant]. How to find an English speaking doctor. What is the carte vitale - how to get it, how does it work?

Getting Involved in Paris

Looking to make a contribution to your city and enrich your time in Paris? Find out more about local, community-based associations that are recruiting English-speaking volunteers in the field of refugees, the homeless, and so many more.

Preparing U.S. Taxes

Carl Mir will talk about filing your U.S. tax from abroad. He will give expert advice on the latest IRS requirements, who needs to report, what needs to be reported, and how to do this from Paris. Bring your questions!