"Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth." John 3:18


Afrangua, Ghana - West Africa

Excellence Computer Technology Center is an NGO/charity active in Afrangua, Ghana. It was created by one of our own African-American missionary volunteers at the ACP Destiny Ryales, who has a Master's in Computer Information Technology. Her first visit to Ghana was a missionary trip to support The Living Truth Foundation with fellowship, Bibles, books and fundraised monies. Her spirit was overjoyed when she exited the plane and she has since been blessed with a calling to live there.  She created the NGO in response to a growing need of computer literacy in Ghana. There are currently 1.4% of schools, primary and secondary, that offer computer technology courses. The technology gap entirely too large in the underdeveloped countries.

Destiny had been fundraising since May 2012 and moved to Elmina, Ghana in mid-August 2012. The arrival was welcomed by our missionary family of The Living Truth Foundation. They searched for the perfect place for me to start and located Afrangua in late August. The chief of this village was given a 1,000 euros to complete a handful of renovations before Destiny moved in on Saturday, September 16th . Pastor Francis, head of the Living Truth Foundation, located a teacher who is willing to volunteer and live at the center with Destiny without a salary. The first classes were held on October 1st, 2012.

Through this ministry, Destiny is showing the love of our God through computer technology classes for free to the students (and adults in the upcoming future) who currently lack the education from their local schools of the small village of Afrangua, Ghana, Africa.It will advance the Christian purpose of the universal church by showing the love of Jesus Christ by deed and truth instead of by word and talk (1 John 3:18). The citizens of this village do not have the infrastructure to teach computer technology while our entire planet is becoming computerized. Destiny's mission is to bring the education to them.

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Destiny always has exciting news about the way the Lord is working at the ECTC. Find out by clicking on the dates below: 

November 2013I have started a secondary ICT center in Abura Gynebankcom Methodist Primary School. The computer classroom already host 19 desktops for roughly 150 students and it has never used before our arrival. Over half of the computers were broken or missing a keyboard or mouse...

October 2013This summer I was blessed to have many ACP members come to Ghana for a visit...

Summer 2013Our previous classroom was boring and dull but decent for sure. However, we decided to spice it up a little bit for the students!..

May 2013It's official! The Excellence Computer Technology Center in Afrangua, Ghana Grand Opening was held in March 31 by the Chiefs and Elders of the town during our Easter Festival...

February 2013The 1st graders joined us for the first time this month and they were perfect little students...


To learn more about how you can get involved or how you can donate please send an email to Daniel Grout or Patty Turquet at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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