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The Still Point band

Still Point leads worship in the 13h30 Contemporary Service under the direction of Natalie Raynal.  We are an eclectic and ever-morphing group of musicians who love God and are passionate about worship.

To join us in serving in the 13h30 service as a musician, visual artist, or tech support please contact Natalie Raynal.

Meet the band

Still Point

Except for the point, the still point,
There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.

Burnt Norton, The Four Quartets of T.S. Eliot

Still Point is the eclectic family of musicians that lead worship in ACP’s 1:30 service took shape around 2010, releasing their first album, Savior of the Nations, Come in 2011 and more recently, More of You in June of 2014. We also play live at nearly monthly ACP Café events where individuals and guests introduce new music, new arrangements and secular covers to a diverse audience.

Natalie McConnell Raynal, Contemporary Music Director
Growing up in Richmond, Virginia, I graduated in voice performance from the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland in 1998. I moved to Paris and joined the American Church in 2006 after spending 7 years in Milan, Italy studying opera. My first experience leading worship was at the Milan Bible Church and it was such a significant one in my faith that I was happy to help start a contemporary worship service when I was asked to in 2007, although musically it was not at all what I had imagined when I moved here. Since 2008, the service and the worship band has grown incredibly, thanks be to God. Still Point has become a second family to me—this small band of brothers and sisters that’s ever evolving but ever passionate about worship. It’s such a privilege to work with them and to be a part of this diverse community. Thanks to my wonderful husband, Patrick, I am now a permanent Parisian!


Holly Nugent, Associate Contemporary Music Director
Holly received her professional music training at the Boston Conservatory, obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre. After working for several years as a singer and actress, she found her calling in serving as a Worship Leader in the church. Holly began Leading Worship at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in the San Francisco Bay Area and has now trained and served as a vocalist in churches all over the world. Her leadership comes from a deep love for Jesus, which she found after the radical transformation she experienced coming to Christ in 2010 - a journey and experience about which she has spoken in churches around the globe. Holly moved to Paris in 2014, the highlight of which has been finding her home in the Still Point band and at The American Church in Paris.



 Il-Woong Seo, Contemporary Worship Pianist, guitarist, singer, composer
Born in Seoul, South Korea, Il-Woong has been ACP’s contemporary worship pianist since 2009. He graduated from various conservatories in Paris for piano, composition and music theory. He studied harmony at the Conservatoire Supérieur National de Paris. He led worship at Hillsong as a pianist from 2007-2008. His compositions range from sacred to secular, classical to pop. He is part of the band Multiphonics Society with his brother, Young Woong Seo. He is the composer of several songs recorded by Still Point in More of You and Savior of the Nations, Come.

 Jurie Ane Feleo, bassist
Born in the Philippines, Jurie Ane moved to Paris in??? and joined the ACP in 2007 She has lead worship in the 1:30 service since its inception in 2008. She is a computer engineer. Jurie Ane started the ACP homeless ministry in 2013. She is also a volunteer with the youth ministry.




Daniel Herr, vocalist, pianist, songwriter
A philosophy and French student at Oxford and member of Still Point since 2009, Daniel is currently doing an internship at Clifford Chance Europe Llp while in Paris for his gap year. Danny rows at Oxford and still managed to be the lead vocalist for nearly half the tracks on More of You on his vacations home. He has written and performed a number of compositions collaborating with Christian de Looper as The Confessions. Their EP is available on itunes. He is now working on a solo album.


Young Woong Seo, guitars and sound engineering
With Still Point since 2009, Young Woong was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to Paris in 2000, He is a graduate of SAE Institut of Paris and has studied Audio Engineering. He is working as a freelance audio engineer and formed the band “Multiphonics Society” with his brother, Il-Woong Seo. He co-produced, mixed and mastered both of Still Point’s albums.




Christopher John Herr, percussion, guitars
A recent graduate of the International School in Paris, Chris will be a freshman in Political Science at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon in the fall. Born in Zurich, Switzerland, he is a native of Fort Collins, Colorado and has been Still Point’s drummer since 2012.





Jim Hobbs, vocalist, drummer
Caribbean Jim Hobbs moved to Paris from Doylestown, Pennsylvania in 2012 with his wife Marta, and children Mira and AJ. Jim was the founder of, and previously a sports anchor for ABC, CBS, and NewSport/Fox Sports. He's currently an online MDiv student at Chicago Theological Seminary. He provides turkey jerky and protein bars for the band to ensure everyone has enough energy for each performance!

Jonathan Gueye, percussionist
Jonathan Gueye was born in the Ivory Coast and moved to Paris in 2008 to complete his bachelor degree in accounting and finance. He came to ACP in 2012. He is a leader of the Youth and Young Adults’ Group and a huge fan of the Chelsea Blues.




Teteh Atikpo, technical assistant

Christian Bork, guitarist
Born in Munich, Germany, Christian reads History and Politics at the University of Exeter. He studied guitar with James Dempsey, Martin Goulding and George Muhr and has played with French pop, punk and funk bands such as Koperinc, with whom he composed and recorded their best known song “Juste Moi”, available on itunes. He recently played with jazz vocalist Alexia Rabe at the Harena IV festival in Strasbourg. Christian appears on More of You as lead guitar in “My Soul Longs For You”.

Stephen Lloyd, bassist
Born in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, Stephen Lloyd grew up near Geneva, Switzerland before moving to Paris to study at Sciences Po. He currently works in communication and has played at ACP since 2013.

Laura Tramel, pianist, vocalist, guitarist, songwriter
Born in Starkville, Mississippi and growing up as a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea, Laura came to Paris in the fall of 2013 from Starkville, MS with her husband, Eric. They immediately found a home in ACP continuing to lead others to experience God’s grace through the adoration of Jesus Christ. Having lead worship in several churches together, Laura was privileged to help start a contemporary worship service at First Presbyterian Church in Starkville, MS and led worship there for seven years. Laura has a bachelor's degree in English Literature with minors in Music and Bible from Bryan College and worked as a children’s librarian. She is also a BSF children’s leader.

Eric Tramel, guitars and banjo
Eric was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and grew up in Florida and Mississippi. He moved to Paris with his wife Laura in 2013 to do post doctoral research at École Normale Supérieure. He has lead worship in several different churches and loves bringing his engineering skills to the greatest and smallest of challenges in the band. He brings not only acoustic and electric guitar skills but banjo as well. He holds doctoral and bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering from Mississippi State University.

Alexia Rabe, vocalist, pianist
Acclaimed gospel singer, pianist, songwriter Alexia Rabe is a Paris native of Malagasy descent. Alexia starred in season 3 of The Voice and tours regularly internationally. She is currently completing her first solo album, the first single of which, Everyday is available on itunes. Alexia is also a Theology student and a sought-after vocal coach and worship leader. Notably, she led worship at the Protestants en Fete celebrations at Bercy in 2013. ACP has been her church home since 2010.





Christian de Looper, sound engineer, drummer, guitarist
Still Point’s original drummer, Christian de Looper moved to Paris from Canberra, Australia with his family in 2007. After graduating from Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel in 2012, he began a Bachelor of Science in Music Technology at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota. Collaborating, co-writing and producing his first EP with Daniel Herr as The Confessions in 2012, Christian has since produced a number of albums and is a technology journalist for Tech Times and a news writer at All Things Gear.




Jef Fry, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter
A native of Texas, Jef was a lead acoustic guitarist and vocalist for 2 years during his studies at The American University in Paris. He played many of the songs on our first album Savior of the Nations, Come. He returned to Texas to pursue studies in nutrition He is an online health and nutrition consultant and coach. His podcasts can be found at and

Phinehas Nyang’Oro, guitars, vocals, trumpet
Phinehas Nyang'Oro is a talented young vocalist and guitarist from Durham, North Carolina. He is well versed in both American music and African traditions, as he was raised traveling often with his parents to their home in Tanzania. While growing up in North Carolina, Phinehas performed in local churches, restaurants, and bars alongside jazz professors from Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina Central University. Directly out of High School, Phinehas attended the American School of Modern Music in Paris for one year, and is now a part of the Cornish Vocal Jazz program in Seattle, Washington. He currently performs at local music venues, clubs, and restaurants in the Seattle area.

Still Point – More of You

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