"I was in prison and you came to visit me." Matthew 25:36

A small group of ACP members accompanies French chaplains into prisons around Paris to attend worship services with inmates on a regular basis. By their very presence, they are demonstrating Christ’s love to these men and women behind bars.

In the Paris region there are 13 prisons, mostly located outside of Paris, with a total of 14,000 inmates and 35 protestant chaplains serving in these prisons. ACP’s Paris Prison Ministry (PPM) works in support of the French prison chaplains of the Protestant Federation of France (Fédération Protestante de France). As of now, PPM ministers at 5 prisons.

As well as providing support through prayers, smiles, handshakes and words of encouragement, ACP members sometimes serve as French-English translators for chaplains during worship services. PPM volunteers also provide other language-related support as well as help with Christmas packages and other small but significant ways of showing Christ's love.

ACP’s prison ministry was started by Carolyn Bouazouni in 2016. She was inspired by the amazing work ACP's missionary has been doing in the prisons of Ghana, Africa, where God is touching many lives. For more information on ACP's work in Ghana, see the webpage on The Living Truth Foundation Ministries, under missions on this site.

PPM absolutely needs your prayer support. Pray that God will be present in the French prisons, touching hearts and changing lives. Pray for the prisoners and prison guards, for the chaplains and ACP members going into the prisons. Thank you!

For more information on this ministry, please contact Paris Prison Ministry.