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ACP Vacation Bible School 2023

ACP Vacation Bible School 2023

Hero Hotline

Place: American Church in Paris
Dates & Times:
   Sunday afternoon, 27 August 15h-17h, and
   Monday-Wednesday, 28-30 August 9h-12h each day
Who: Children ages 3-11

We hope that you and your children will join us for Vacation Bible School this year as we gather at the Hero Hotline Headquarters, ready to "spring into action and explore the ultimate Hero Handbook -the Bible - to discover how all Heroes can follow the examples set by a cast of supporting Bible Heroes in stories from the Old and New Testaments, who work together to bring peace, build each other up, and share the great story of God’s love for us where they are and with the whole world."

Many adult volunteers make the fun possible, so be sure to let me know if we can count on you to be a part of our squad! Contact Allison Wheeler, Children’s Ministry Director, if you'd like to join the team!