Plans to Give You Hope: Looking Back As We Look Forward
Tuesday 15 September at 19h30 via Zoom

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Virtual Thurber Conversation

Making plans during pandemic has been like holding a slippery eel...nearly impossible!

Throughout the pandemic I'm sure most of us have worried about the future and felt a bit helpless. I can only imagine that several of us have awakened with the profound question: What Does the Future Hold? But then Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us that God knows the plan and it includes a future filled with hope.

This Thurber Conversation will be an evening of storytelling and sharing. You'll hear people from the ACP community share their experiences and reflections on this extraordinary season of life that we are in. You will have a chance to break into small groups to discuss your own reflections on where you felt God's hopeful presence, but also where God's promise to give us a future filled with hope and not harm was also lacking for you. As we honestly share from own journeys we hope to inspire and encourage one another to stay the course, to hold fast to God's promises, to fill our lives with hope, and lean into the future that God has for us.

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God has told us that he knows the plans for us...plans that include a future filled with hope. Come and be inspired to hold fast to this truth.

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Thurber Conversations are an adult community gathering and growth time that is open to all.

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