Run Away: The Gospel According to Jonah
25-27 October 2019

Fall Retreat 201Retreat is full; registration is closed

Why are you running? Jonah was a prophet of God (good guy). Nineveh was the hated enemy (bad guys). Isn't it nice when the world is divided up and ordered so neatly? In this great divide between good and evil, the answer to all our problems is so simple. It's THEIR fault. THEY should be punished. THEY need to change.

But what happens when the prophet of God starts to misbehave and run from God? And what happens when the bad guys do something good? Uh oh, maybe its time to move onto a different story.

Honestly, sometimes these messy stories about complex people and situations can hit a little too close to home. In fact, the Biblical prophets are quite skilled at hitting close to home. So much so that even if you don't like to run, going for a jog (far away from these irritating stories) might start to sound like a good idea.

So if we're going to run, a retreat (which literally means to run away) might be a good place for all of us.

Join us for our All-Church Fall Retreat (25-27 October 2019) led by Pastor Tim Vance. This will be a good time to get away from the city, connect with God and with one another, relax, play, eat and maybe even allow the story of Jonah to inspire deeper reflections and conversations about all our experiences of running.

ALL ARE WELCOME. Programs are being developed for children and adults.


The retreat will cost €125 for adults, €100 for Young Adults, €140 for an adult and child, €250 for a family (2 adults and up to 2 children) and €40 for an additional child. There is an additional €25 charge if you would like a single room. The price includes all meals, 2 nights’ accommodation, sheets, and shuttle from the St. Prix station. Please do not let money keep you from joining us for this retreat. Half-Scholarships are available.

Fall Retreat 2017When
Friday Evening (25 October) – Sunday Afternoon (27 October)

Massabielle Retreat Center, 1 Rue Auguste Rey, 95390 Saint Prix

Everyone! This is an All Church Fall Retreat with programs for children and adults.

Retreat is full; registration is closed