Do we have to be church members or Christians to be married at the ACP?
No. But you need to accept to have a religious service.

Is there a room available for a light reception after the ceremony (vin d’honneur)?
Yes, there are several rooms suitable for holding a light reception after your blessing ceremony. You will either need to do the set up & clean up or hire a caterer who will do both the set up and clean up.

Flowers, a photographer, a caterer and any other service providers are the responsibility of the couple. The Internet is the best source for available providers. We can provide a short list of florists and photographers that have provided good service in the past. Music questions should be discussed with our Music Director.

Can we make suggestions to the pastor regarding our wedding?
The pastor will welcome any questions and suggestions that you may have about your service and will help you with your service plans. We seek to make every service personal and special.

Can we have the blessing ceremony in another language than English?
Our services are normally in English. However, we can arrange a bilingual ceremony in English and French. We can also discuss a bilingual service with English plus another language.

Can we rent the church to have a wedding with our own clergy?
No. An ACP pastor will be in charge of all weddings held at the church. A wedding is not only held in our church; it is a service of the American Church. At your request we can invite your pastor to co-officiate.

Why do we have to have a civil ceremony before our religious blessing in France?
In France, only weddings solemnized by the civil authorities have legal standing; thus, a church wedding has spiritual significance, but not legal status. Before the religious wedding ceremony can take place, you must show proof of civil marriage. The easiest way to do this is to be married in a legal ceremony in your home country. In the U.S., your pastor can perform your service or you can go to a justice of peace. If the service is legal in your country, it is considered legal in France. To be married by the civil authorities in France requires a 40 day residency and a great deal of bureaucratic paperwork. Please send a copy of your legal certificate by fax or by email ahead of time unless your legal ceremony is right before your service at ACP. If that is the case bring a photo copy to us when you come.

Can we throw rice or rose petals after the ceremony?
Only rose petals are permitted, and the couple is responsible to have persons available to sweep them up. Bubbles blown by wedding guests are popular and require no cleanup.

Can we get dressed and prepare at the church?
Unfortunately, we do not have dressing room facilities available at the present time.

Marriage Vow Renewals and Weddings

The ACP Wedding Ministry offers in-person and online wedding blessing ceremonies from the sanctuary of the American Church in Paris.

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