Expressions of faith and unity in the love of Christ

Prior to your Ceremony

Weddings2After your reservation has been made with our wedding coordinator, the pastor in charge of our wedding ministry will write to you and send you a copy of the basic service that we use at ACP. After you receive the basic copy, you can send the pastor any questions or suggestions that you may have about the service and about your wedding plans. He will then help you with planning your service. Some personalization of the service is possible through consultation with the pastor, though he must approve any changes.

Family members and friends can share in the service through a reading or musical number. Our wedding pastor is in charge of all weddings held at the church, but another pastor can co-officiate when invited to do so by the ACP pastor.

Premarital counseling is highly recommended. When you come from outside Paris, we suggest that you seek premarital counseling at your home congregation. Some consultation over the phone about your wedding service may compliment the email correspondence between you and the pastor. If you are in Paris with enough time prior to your wedding, it will be desirable for you to make an appointment for a visit with the Visiting Pastor (the wedding ministry pastor).

A rehearsal is recommended for weddings that include a number of people in the wedding party (groomsmen, bridesmaids, readers, a soloist, and the like). The rehearsal is usually scheduled the day before the wedding. If there is a small group, such as the couple and parents, a rehearsal is usually not required. In this case, the details can be worked out when the couple meets with the pastor.

On Your Wedding Day

The sanctuary is reserved for 2 hours. The first 30 minutes will be the time for set-up and the welcoming of guests. It is our goal to enable every couple to experience a joyful and meaningful blessing of marriage service that includes the sharing of wedding vows, the lighting of a unity candle, the signing of your blessing of marriage certificate, and organ music. Following the service there will be time for greetings and more photos.

Marriage Vow Renewals and Weddings

The ACP Wedding Ministry offers in-person and online wedding blessing ceremonies from the sanctuary of the American Church in Paris.

For more information about our wedding blessing ceremonies, click here or contact
ACP's Wedding Coordinator.