Youth: Parents

How to register your child

Step 1:

In order to properly care for your child, we need to know certain information about them from you.  Furthermore, we also need your consent on a few items in order to proceed.  If your child is participating in our youth group, this is the first step to getting them properly enrolled.  Please fill out the following form:

ACP Online Youth Registration Form 2017-2018


Step 2: 

In order to get the most up to date information about youth group outings and Sunday meetings, please sign up for our email group.  These emails come directly from our Youth Pastor on a weekly or as-needed basis (e.g. for cancellations or changes in previously scheduled events.)



 pdf ACP Youth Parental Consent Form 2016-2017.pdf

 pdf ACP ACP Youth Safety and Injury Procedure.pdf



ACP Parent Forum: Understanding Your Teenager

Sunday 20 October 15h00-17h30 2nd floor Library

Speaker: Mark Oestreicher, veteran youth worker and founding partner in The Youth Cartel.


parent-5-packA Parents Guide to Understanding Teens Series
" Your role as a parent is to do more than provide your teenager with information about important things such as social media, dating... You have the opportunity and the calling to help your child live wisely and honor God in this sometimes tricky, occasionally awkward, and always vital area of life".

You can download free samples of these books by clicking on the links provided on this page.  


raising_wise_childrenRaising Wise Children
Culture expert and veteran youth pastor Mark Matlock will teach you to line your family's story up with God's story in the world around you, helping you raise wise children who have the character, values, and mission that allows them to go out into the real world and live out a real faith. Raising Wise Children explores such issues as: * Helping your child make decisions * The importance of failure * Knowing God's story for your family * Changing the story your family is in * Rather than trying to isolate your children from the world or draw lines that keep them from truly engaging with what God has called us to help and heal, you can learn how to lead your family towards an integrated life where your story and God's story come together to make a difference in the world around you. 
Get the book here .



sticky_faithSticky Faith
Nearly every Christian parent in America would give anything to find a viable resource for developing within their kids a deep, dynamic faith that 'sticks' long term. Sticky Faith delivers. Research shows that almost half of graduating high school seniors struggle deeply with their faith. Recognizing the ramifications of that statistic, the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) conducted the 'College Transition Project' in an effort to identify the relationships and best practices that can set young people on a trajectory of lifelong faith and service. Based on FYI findings, Sticky Faith is geared to spark a movement that empowers adults to develop robust and long-term faith in kids of all ages. 
Get the book here .




Understanding Your Young Teen
Between the ages of 11-14, adolescents experience one of the most significant periods of change they'll face during their lifetimes---physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally and spiritually. Mothers and fathers of young teens are presented with new challenges in understanding, communicating with and parenting their kids during this time in their lives. Understanding Your Young Teen offers insights on early adolescent development, new research and cultural changes, and practical applications for parenting and living with young teens. 
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raising_teens_in_a_worldRaising Teens in an Almost Christian World
Parents are the greatest influence on teenage faith. Developed as a companion to Kenda Creasy Dean's Almost Christian - Christianity Today's 2011 Book of the Year - this resource summarizes Dean's response to the National Study on Youth and Religion and offers readers a chance to reflect on how the church and parents can address the findings of the study with their own children. Raising Teenagers in an Almost Christian World is perfect for small group studies, classes, or parents at home.
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children_divorceChildren of Divorce

This unique book examines the impact of divorce not only from a theological and spiritual perspective but also from a young person's perspective. It will benefit those who have experienced divorce and those who minister to children of divorce.
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A Faith Of Their Own

Understanding the Common Cry of Preteens

Parents, pastors, and youth workers everywhere are trying to answer on question: How do we effectively disciple preteens?  During this time of change, curiosity, and skepticism, people struggle to guide preteens in their developing spiritual journeys.  In A Faith of Their Own: Understanding the Common Cry of Preteens, Chris Folmsbee offers practical tools to keep preteens engaged in exploring and experiencing God.